Twitter’s new like function is groundbreaking.

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The way you use Twitter may have just changed drastically. Well not really. Our title is actually a lie. However twitter have replaced the little gold ‘favourite’ star with a red ‘like’ heart. Introducing Twitter’s new like function in the the shape of a red heart ladies and gents!   Twitter’s new like function…is a heart. So why did they go and kill off a well known aspect of their brand for something, for lack of a better word something a bit generic? Twitter released a statement explaining that the star was a bit confusing to its users. Saying that “You might like a lot of things, but not everything can be your favourite.” Thanks for clearing that up Twitter!

Twitter’s new like function, the reasoning.

The heart is obviously a much more noticeable symbol to show that you like something, especially on social networks, look at Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr to name a few social networks using the heart. But Surely Twitter’s following know what the golden star meant by now? The problem here isn’t Twitter’s existing users, it’s the new users they’re so desperately trying to intice to use their stumbling network. These new users aren’t used to using stars to show their adoration for a post. So maybe Twitter’s new like function isn’t an awful idea. It’s just an idea that at first doesn’t seem that necessary. To many of it’s users it won’t seem necessary.

What do you all think of Twitter’s new like function?

It really is a fickle aspect to get hung up over, but from today the debate will rage on, gold star Vs. red heart. One thing for sure is that the fallout from users has been absolutely hilarious! So we’re putting it to you, what do you make of Twitter’s new like function?

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