There are so many different types of advertising agencies in today’s traditional and digital advertising landscape, so many that we can forgive you for not being able to accurately pinpoint which type of agency you may require. The advertising landscape is constantly changing in Ireland and the UK. There are advertising agencies that provide a general advertising service, they create advertisements for businesses and consumer products alike, or else they can provide services to specialist sectors, for example, financial services, or corporate advertising. We know what you’re thinking but corporate advertising doesn’t have to be boring. Rogue Creative have undertaken many corporate advertising projects, that have been both untraditional and effective.  Whilst Rogue specialises in anything that falls under Digital Marketing, Guerrilla Marketing and Content Marketing we would not be considered a Full-Service Agency as they would cover the full range of media and creative services and would usually work on the full range of advertising media, such as press, radio, television, outdoor and digital media. They tend to be more established and well known traditional agencies like BBDO Dublin or Rothco Dublin. Smaller more boutique agencies could outsource certain functions like the media buying or an element of the creative service.

The Traditional Advertising Agency

Probably the oldest and possibly the original type of marketing company. These are the slick guys in suits sipping their smoked bourbons on Maddison Ave, made famous by the show Mad Men and Don Draper. Until the absolute game changer that was the internet launched in 1996 these traditional ad agencies like BBDO were the only guys at the races. It was only as things progressed and channels increased that you saw the emergence of agencies like Rogue Creative that operated in both the Traditional, Digital, and Experiential advertising space. Executing TV campaigns from creative to programmatic buying but including digital marketing campaign elements and real-life consumer experiences to create a truly integrated creative approach.


Branding Agency

Branding or visual identity agencies often fall into the boutique agencies category. Usually, branding agencies specialize in branding and visual identity and typically offer a range of services such as logo design, brand name development, visual identities through graphic content for websites and other online channels.  Like the majority of good branding specialists, we conduct market research to support our proposed brand strategies, and we also engage in wider services such as website design as it tends to be the visual identity side of things that let down a truly well-designed website. Your website is only ever as good as it’s content.


Design Focused Agency

These graphic design focused businesses typically label themselves as design agencies or design studios. These agencies will tend to focus all of their efforts on designing and creating packaging, flyers, brochures and all types of print collateral. We at Rogue Creative often take care of this for our clients however it does not tend to be the work we are passionate about, I mean how excited can you get about a flyer, do people even still read them? Will discuss that later.


Media Buying & Planning Agencies

Media agencies will tend to specialize in research, strategy, planning, buying, execution and placement of all media such as TV, print / newspaper, billboards, radio or (OOH) outdoor, and online / digital. Whilst Rogue executes many media buying campaigns, our main area of expertise lies in alternative outdoor media spaces like shop shutters, walls for wall murals, vehicles, people, the list goes on. We also conduct programmatic TV buying for video content we produce and using a pixel we track all traffic to your site that results from a TV placement. This allows us to optimise your TV buying investing more spend into the time slots that are actually working for your business. At last trackable TV advertising metrics.


Promotional or Promo Agencies

These types of agency fall into the retail sector that we will discuss later. These agencies like Becausexm or Verve Marketing typically engage in shopper marketing activities, that include handing out flyers, coupons, product sampling etc. In recent years they have tried to branch out into more experiential activations, but these are typically just the same shopper marketing activities, with Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR) bolted on to some extent. These are the guys responsible for those teenagers handing out Diet Cokes or Red Bulls at traffic lights. We do not engage in these activities, as we do not have the large rosters of people required, however, we have partnered with multiple agencies in Dublin to provide these extra hands as and when required.


PR Agencies

Anything relating to public relations, investor relations, media relations, and crisis communications are all the types of services provided by PR Agencies in Dublin. Other services offered may include, announcements, press conferences or events and content creation and placement, Rogue tends to avoid traditional PR, however, we have executed many digital PR campaigns, both as link building exercises for off page SEO and also as combative PR falling under crisis management.


Marketing Agency

The biggest difference between a traditional Advertising Agency and a Marketing Agency is essentially the number of services that they can provide. Typically, an Advertising Agency focused solely on the creation and the execution of advertising campaigns. Over time a few have diversified to include lots of other services. Marketing agencies will generally do or arrange anything. Most marketing agencies these days will refer to themselves as a full-service agency and offer services such as advertising, strategy and planning, branding, digital, photography, video, PR, content marketing, TV advertising & programmatic buying.


Digital Agency

With the hard and fast growth of digital as a key ingredient of the marketing mix, Online marketing, social media marketing, e-commerce growth driven design, content marketing, and other related services are the fastest-growing agency types in today’s agency landscape. All of the agencies in this category offer services such as website design, social media management, and content creation, blog management and content creation. Additional segmentation of the category occurs with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) agencies, and Paid Search or (PPC) advertising. All of which we can handle here at Rogue Creative


Social Media Agency

These agencies are typically subsets of or more specialised agencies that focus solely on the creation and management of a brands social media networks. With most specialising in Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube & LinkedIn. Rogue Creative handles this work on a daily basis for a handful of clients, social media profile design, blog content management and distribution, infographic creation and other content creation for increasing engagement, traffic, and backlinks.


Direct Marketing Agency

There are many similarities between a direct marketing agency and a sales business, the only difference is perhaps the closing element. Direct Marketers build leads for a sales team and a sales team closes those leads that were passed on. Direct marketing agencies in Dublin typically are experts at direct mail and email marketing as well as creating customer databases and more.


Business-to-Business Advertising Agencies

Business to Business advertising agencies otherwise known as a B2B advertising agency, as the name would suggest, they typically specialise solely in advertising business related products. Instead of trying to communicate with a consumer based audience. B2B agencies are aware of the complex decision-making process that is involved in business purchasing decisions and as a result, advertising to businesses in a different manner than to a consumer. B2B agencies will use different media like Linkedin for instance, allowing them to create relationships with prospects over time. These B2B agencies tend to provide particular specialisation of certain sectors like tech or industrial products. Although Rogue Creative is most certainly not your traditional B2B advertising agency we have conceived and executed many creative advertising solutions for various B2B businesses, after all, we as a creative advertising agency are too a B2B business.

Retail Advertising Agencies

With this one, it’s very much all in the name. Retail advertising agencies tend to provide services for groups or businesses that sell their own products through retailer or distributor channels. They consist of both creative and production teams who are able to deal with developing detailed price-based advertising and have the ability to cope with often frequent last-second changes to the final content. Retail advertising agencies also manage and develop cooperative advertising campaigns that local branches or franchisers can run in their own territories,


Financial Advertising Agencies

Financial advertising agencies offer very specialist services specifically catering to businesses in the financial services sector and company investor relations. Ad Agencies that advertise products within the financial services industry are forced to operate in a very tightly regulated market, this means all the work, content or advertising that is produced has to be compliant with any current Irish legislation. These agencies will often also offer services to investor relations departments, assisting with the advertising of share offers and potentially communication any financial results if necessary.


Corporate Advertising Agencies

Thankfully for us in recent years we have seen an increase in the creativity and more fun elements of creative concepts that we have grown to be so passionate about. Corporate advertising agencies typically overlap with some of the same areas or activities as financial advertising agencies. They too communicate information for investors and financial results. However, the biggest function of a corporate advertising agency is to increase awareness of corporate businesses abilities and to strengthen their brand reputation. Corporate ad agencies tend to involve themselves mainly in media that reaches an older demographic. Although this appears to be changing based on many of the inbound inquiries we receive. Some of these more traditional industries are looking to utilise new alternative media forms that actually cuts through and engages the audience and is truly impactful in its intentions.


Digital Media Agencies

Digital media agencies provide specific specialist services for creating advertisements that are solely designed for the Internet or any other digital channels. Sometimes these agencies will work with mainstream traditional advertising agencies that do not possess the required skills in digital media, or directly with clients focusing their budgets on media placement and optimisation.


Recruitment Ad Agencies

Recruitment advertising agencies typically tend to be involved in advertising job vacancies at various different levels. Most will tend to specialize in a particular area such as senior management positions or temporary staff, whilst others may try to focus on other sectors like accountancy or tech.




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