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We work with people, businesses and brands to craft digital experiences that tell your story. Unlike many agencies, Rogue is built on strategic partnerships with clients. We don’t work for or against you, but instead with you. We are an extension of our clients’ teams and as such, take time to know your brand or  business from the inside out in order to create and develop innovative web designs that work.

Very impressed with the ease of the site and how simple it is to navigate.

“Marketing Manager, GoHop Group”


From website speed and usability to customer experience and custom functionalities, web design is a very broad industry and far too blanketed term used in advertising. We believe every project must start and end with the end user, your customer. At Rogue, we use specially developed internal web design processes to guarantee that every website we create delivers on the your brand vision.  This process always begins with a joint discussion between the stakeholders involved in the website design project. Through initial target market research and an understanding of the key requirements, we can identify clear goals and KPI’s for the new website design.

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Online retail in 2017 is experiencing massive rates of expansion with online sales in Ireland up 12.3% on 2016 figures. With such rapid growth, it’s time to assess your brand’s’ online presence. Have you experienced the same growth as other Irish retailers? Or are you missing out on these key sales opportunities that other competing E-commerce websites are winning?

If you are unhappy with your online retail performance, it’s time for a change. Whether it’s small updates to your fulfillment system or a complete visual redesign and CMS update to improve your catalogue, user experience and profit margins, we help you sell more online.


Microsites are clever and exciting one-off projects that have the ability to bring a larger digital campaign to life. It may appear counter-intuitive to develop a second, microsite when you already have a larger, stronger website in place. However, microsites are an excellent marketing tool for brands to showcase major individual campaigns, highlight flagship announcements and capture valuable customer data. Whether it is an online web application to build brand awareness for an upcoming film release or an interactive coffee guide around a city, microsites deliver highly targeted, rich content that focuses on specific experiences users want to share online.

Our most successful microsites are always born out of a larger content strategy and as such, we will always start with the brand or projects commercial end goals. From here we can reverse engineer a strategy that allows us to develop a unique experience for your customers in order to drive both search and social outreach via one central platform. If you are at an early stage of your launch, we are more than happy to assist with your strategy and start at a creation phase to work with you to develop a vision.

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