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It Starts With A Story

It’s not about using a particular channel or medium. It’s about your audience and the story you’re communicating to them. It’s about gaining attention through the creation of unexpected and extraordinary experiences, reshaping traditional advertising through the inventive and skill full application of growth driven design, technology, and content marketing strategy. That doesn’t mean it’s always about inventing something new, sometimes it’s as simple as a new spin on something old. Ultimately using the best methods, technologies, and channels to communicate your message to the right audience.


We understand your audience and know how your brand remains relevant throughout their journey.


TV Infomercial



P2 Putter Grips are an Irish based startup from Co. Wicklow, Ireland who are approaching the golf equipment market with a clear vision - to bring a smile to the faces of golfers across the world. Well on their way to achieving this, they are currently manufacturing and distributing the P2 Putter Grip across the globe.

P2 Grips had previously experienced some rapid growth early on within Ireland, with golfers such as Padraig Harrington switching over to use the grip on the PGA tour and many media outlets such as the Irish Independent and Golf Digest Ireland, jumped on it, featuring their patented putter grip as one to watch for the coming future. However, as they entered Q3 of 2015 they were experiencing a period of stagnation in the Irish market. Anyone interested had already purchased and they needed to do something to up their brand attention and to try an acquire a new, younger and more youth orientated audience.

Our starting point was clear. To deliver a game-changing insight and a creative TV infomercial style ad that would connect the brand to both the Irish & US market. To do so, a combination of science and art is featured in this ad showcasing both the internal technology and real-life external frustrations felt by golfers struggling to ‘hole’ putts.

Our insight was, that what separates P2 Grips other competitors within the industry is the science behind the design. Unlike other grips that are designed purely on size, P2 Grips identified that aligning the shaft off-center allowed for less movement of the wrist and results in more putts being hit directly from the sweet spot. This insight is articulated in the TV infomercial campaign.

This acted as the creative springboard for all future activations including digital content, live experiential and out-of-home where we work together with P2 Grips to capture, develop and promote the science behind the best putter grip.

alcohol brand creation



Brand Creation & Launch: Azuru Spirits

Rogue was tasked with brand creation and to develop a vibrant and creatively integrated campaign to launch Azuru in Ireland and generate demand from consumers, bars & wholesalers. The goal of the campaign at this point was to introduce Ireland to a premium, exciting new beverage, and to have it occupy a unique place among the target consumers through a particular style of branding within the Irish alcoholic beverage market.

Rogue embraced the origin story of Azuru and explored the many elements contained within it in order to develop the creative ideas designed for this product. Finding the creative meeting point of the ancient origin story and the youthful market to which we wished to communicate, we agreed upon the creative concept of “Old Legend, New Spirit”. Using this creative idea, Rogue developed a PR strategy, launch event, guerrilla marketing campaign and new website to announce the arrival of Azuru. This campaign was aimed at local, national and broadcast media.

To create an initial interest among the target market, and to introduce Azuru in a fashion fitting its image. Our solution was to build an online presence that made the brand appear larger and more established in the target market than it actually was. Consumers perceive large drinks brands as having a long heritage, when in fact they are less than a decade old. In order to overcome this issue, we carried out premium product photography and built the website design around these high-quality images.

Utilising such professional photography, Azuru was perceived as a larger, well established, household name and not just a new drink to hit the Irish market. Partnering with local bars across Ireland, we created a selection of eye-catching POS materials to help Azuru stand out at the point of purchase.

Premium product photography and bespoke website design.

Rogue also developed a highly promoted Facebook campaign that was intended to give fans the chance of becoming an Azuru brand ambassador for one year. The campaign ran for eight weeks and incorporated a custom application section on the website through which fans were asked to explain why they felt they would make the perfect ambassador. Two fans will be chosen in each of our twenty locations, after this they will progress to round two where they promote the brand for one night in a specific venue. One winner will be chosen from each event and entered into the grand final held in Krystle nightclub in Dublin. Rogue will manage the final event in Krystle where fans, friends and celebrities are invited to attend the grand final where one brand ambassador will be chosen.

credit union digital transformation




How we conducted a full credit union digital transformation.

Trinity Credit Union approached Rogue to address a critical issue: the need to redesign their current website and deliver content efficiently and elegantly to prospective members and active users.
Beyond providing a responsive design solution, Trinity wanted to evolve the Credit Union brand by delivering features that would resonate with its users, specifically younger, tech-savvy members.

UI/UX redesign that focused on attracting & engaging a younger audience
Rogue advocated creating the initial application designs for mobile and tablet screens instead of traditionally building desktop versions first – after all, 70% of members arrived at from a mobile device! By doing so we would be able to promote a unique browsing experience that oozes simplicity, allowing members quick access to the most important elements of the application through a customised mobile navigation bar. Creating a custom mobile design with quick access links to important pages would add significant value to the Trinity website by reducing bounce rate, increasing page views, and most importantly, encouraging new members to join their community.
Rogue’s combination of product strategy and custom design solutions are helping Trinity as they expand their offering to attract new members across Dublin.
Within the first 30 days of the new website release bounce rates are down by 28%, page views are up by 46%, with over 830 unique visits in less than 30 days with an average session duration increase of 32 seconds.

alcohol social content



Feeney's Seasonal Social Content
Feeney’s is an award-winning alcohol brand that produces an outstanding Irish Cream. An Irish Cream that has on numerous occasions been regarded as the most luxurious Irish Cream in the world, winning both Platinum and Best Taste at the sip awards. Following a big brand refresh, Feeney’s approached Rogue Creative, with the intention of creating a brand-new batch of premium social content, with a strategy that would target a younger, more youth orientated demographic. The plan was then that Feeney's could distribute this content, online across all of their social channels, as and when, mixing it in with their more day to day / news-based content. They really wanted to create some visually impressive video content, that would be guaranteed to engage a youth audience. However, at the same time they also really wanted to create content that would actually encourage purchases as well. Overhead tasty style videos happened to be really on trend at the time and cocktail style videos would also require the consumer to ideally purchase a bottle of Feeney’s in order to copy the recipe. We decided on the creation of 8 cocktail videos as this was the most that could be achieved from a one-day shoot.

In order to stand out and to really position Feeney’s as a more fun, alternative and ultimately less traditional Irish Cream brand we placed a huge emphasis on both the types of cocktails and the art direction and planning of props/ set decoration to ensure a different and unique look that was in keeping with the overall theme of each individual cocktail.
Not all of the videos have been distributed yet and have been released organically with no spend, the results have been: 34,577 views on YouTube 25,305 views on Facebook with 113 actions

experiential campaign dublin



Europe's Largest Take Out Cup - Experiential Campaign

Every now and again, here at Rogue Creative, we get lucky enough to get our hands on a truly ambiguous brief, that doesn’t just challenge the mind, but it also leaves the door wide open for new and actually original ideas! The Insomnia Christmas Cup launch was exactly that brief for us. Insomnia Coffee Company approached Rogue Creative to develop out a campaign that would be able to raise awareness for both their new Christmas Cup design and also their new partnership with the up and coming fashion designer, Emma Manley. With a bit of back and forth, countless brainstorming sessions, calls, skypes, you name it, we had them. The proposition of reindeers, carolers, an enormous snow machine, the largest artificial snowball fight even, chrimbo-meter, drone skiing down Grafton street, elves on the shelves and a pug reindeer sleigh (we no joke had the Dublin pug club lined up and everything) we finally landed on a big cup.

I mean there's possibly no better way to showcase a new cup design, than blowing it up, scaling the shit out of it, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, building Europe's largest take-out coffee cup and placing it right in the heart of Dublin City Centre... Oh, by the way, it actually even steamed with that steamy Christmas goodness! By the way, did we mention that it also granted Christmas wishes! The Result: A steaming cup of excellence, combined with a cross-platform social campaign, using #lovebeingfestive. With the meeting of creative minds between Rogue & Insomnia, it was a collaboration that ultimately delivered what is now being talked about as one of the most iconic Irish brand activations of Christmas 2016.
Check out the case study video to see all the work that went into this experiential campaign and how successful it was.